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Stone Industrial Loop

Industrial Complex For Sale

Stone Ridge Industrial Loop


Stone Ridge Industrial Loop stands out in the heart of Casper's thriving industrial landscape, with it's strategic location and exceptional access to key transportation hubs, and an immense canvas for industrial space and development provide unparalleled opportunities for investors and businesses alike.  

Investment Highlights

Stone Ridge Industrial Loop

  • Buildings: 6 single-tenant industrial shop buildings

    • 2425 Colman - 18,125 SF - 3.93 acres

    • 2327 Colman - 16,430 SF -  2.507 acres

    • 1813 Colman - 19,320 SF - 4.452-acre 

    • 2161 Colman - 16,430 SF - 3.453 acres

    • 1190 Colman - 10,225 SF - 1.99 acres

    • 1307 Colman - 13,520 SF - 3.26 acres

  • Land Size: 43 acres + 20 acres build to suit

  • Building Features: Restrooms, offices, kitchens, unique shop features (compressed air plumbing, wash bay, cranes, explosion-proof bay)

  • Access Points: International Airport, I-25 and E Yellowstone Highway, 1 mile from Port of Entry

  • Infrastructure: Steel frame, concrete foundation/floors, ribbed metal siding, painted stucco, exterior walk doors, 16 x 16 automatic overhead doors for service access

Stone Ridge Industrial Loop: Prime Investment Property in Casper's Industrial Hub

Introducing the remarkable investment opportunity: "Stone Ridge Industrial Loop." If you're an investor with an eye for prime commercial real estate, this property is one you won't want to miss. Situated in a strategic location with exceptional access points to transportation hubs, the Stone Ridge Industrial Loop is poised to deliver an outstanding return on your investment.

Located in Casper, this property comprises six distinct industrial shop buildings, each offering a diverse range of features tailored to meet the needs of a variety of businesses. Both its location and buildings’ features make this opportunity stand out. 

Stone Ridge Industrial Loop is strategically positioned within one mile of the Port of Entry, making it an ideal gateway for import and export operations. Stone Ridge Industrial Loop is immediate in proximity to the airport as well as all major highways that facilitate both ingress and egress of the city. This prime location ensures that your tenants can efficiently transport their products and materials.

The six industrial shop buildings on this property are equipped with a range of modern amenities to cater to diverse business needs. From well-appointed offices, to convenient kitchens and restrooms, the infrastructure is designed to provide a comfortable and efficient working environment for tenants. But what truly sets this property apart are the unique shop features that can accommodate a wide array of businesses.

For industrial operations requiring specialized equipment, Stone Ridge Industrial Loop offers buildings with features such as plumbing for compressed air, an explosion-proof bay, safety showers, a wash bay for cleaning equipment and vehicles, and crane facilities for heavy lifting tasks. 

In summary, Stone Ridge Industrial Loop represents an outstanding opportunity for investors. With its strategic location and diverse range of amenities, this property is well-poised to provide a solid return on investment while accommodating a broad spectrum of commercial ventures.



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